DJ camp

1 week: $800

This 4-day camp is perfect for Spring and Summer breaks, for 13-17 year olds. Areas covered will include: beat matching; cue/monitoring; sampling/using samples and building a live performance set. At the end of the camp, with a bit of practicing, you can be the DJ in the next dance party. 

Tuesday - Friday  3pm - 5pm

There is one camp per week during Spring break from March 20 to March 31, and in the summer from June 12 to August 25.


What students say:

Very entertaining and educational - Henry C

It was lots of fun. Learned a lot. - Ryan V

Tried the instant DJ class. I had never tried anything like it coming in, but my teenage son is into DJing so we thought it would be a fun family activity. The instructor was very friendly. Gave lots of great info and let's you get hands on and start playing very quickly. It is really cool how much you can learn to do in a short time. They are totally non-judgmental and work with everyone no matter what their experience level. Anyone who has even thought about trying to DJ should give it a shot. It is a fun few hours and makes me want to go home and practice myself. They teach on good entry-level equipment so anyone could replicate the same setup at home for a very reasonable price. - Blair D