Why are we here?

Once upon a time music used to fill our homes. It wasn't a distant voice you turn on. It was familiar and comforting, woven into the fabric of our lives. Like cooking and enjoying a meal together, we gathered, passed an instrument around, took turns playing and singing. Home was where the music was.

We stopped playing music so record companies started selling it. At the Foxgrove, we're putting the art of creating music back in your hands.

Music used to be a relationship between musician and audience. It was live, it was honest. Then came the record and recording changed everything. It brought music to more people, but distanced us from the musicians.

It commoditized music, surrendered it to faceless soulless conglomerates.

We're taking it back, making the music ours again, putting it back in the hands of the amateurs—music lovers. We didn't start the fire, but welcome to the movement.

Founders Natalie and David

Founders Natalie and David


The Foxgrove is founded by music lovers who recognize a need to change the dynamic between musicians and their audience. We are a private electronic music and DJ school, an event space, and a recording studio. You’ll pick up the language of 4/4 and chords and synths, become a mixmeister, and record your first track.

The Foxgrove is for all. Come as you are, with passion and curiosity.