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Can Anyone Make a Beat? New Class Aims at Amateur Producers

Rolling Stone l Nick Murray

This is The Foxgrove, a new, low-stakes school where the most important lesson is that anyone — regardless of expertise — can create a track. With some participants learning music production for the first time tonight, it may not be a "good" track by professional standards. But here, perfection is less important than the act of creation.

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A New Spin on Playing the Hits

The Wall Street Journal l Ralph Gardner Jr.

Under the assumption that it’s never too late to pick up a new skill to impress friends and family, and perhaps graduate to an entirely different, lucrative career, I attended DJ school recently.

It was held at Foxgrove, an electronic music and DJ academy on West 29th Street.

My daughters had offered anecdotal reporters of high school friends, whose genius had heretofore been disguised, becoming rich and famous spinning records.

So why not me?

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One Class at NYC’s New DJ School Will Teach You to Make Your Own Remixes

The Observer | Innovation | Sage Lazzaro

...I’m about as musical as a wine cork.

This didn’t matter when I stopped by The Foxgrove, a new boutique DJ and music production school opening this October in Manhattan near Madison Square Garden. During my visit, I learned how to use the very programs and equipment the world’s most famous artists and producers use, and by the end, I had even made my own track...

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About: The Foxgrove

Urban Outfitters Blog l Allie Volpe

It’s a proudly amateur-friendly approach that’s led a primarily female student base to the center. Paired with the ambiance, the natural-light filled classroom outfitted with sturdy reclaimed wood tables and an exposed brick wall, and the message that no creator is too untrained, The Foxgrove has emerged as a safe space for individuals who aim to learn a trade in a highly male-dominated industry. Natalie and David liken it to a happy-hour substitute or a French culinary course. 

“They teach you how to make a soufflé, but you don’t go and open a restaurant [after],” David says. The fun part is just saying you did it.

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Fast Company Innovation Festival

The Foxgrove is invited to Fast Company's first ever Innovation Festival, sharing the stage with Nike's Mark Parker, Goop's Gwyneth Paltrow and noted DJ Steve Aoki.

The 11 Coolest Jobs in NYC

Thrillist | Meagan Drillinger

What they do: David: “Apart from sessions in the studio with a variety of artists, I am responsible for developing the DJ and music production classes at The Foxgrove, as well as training the teachers. More often than not, people are intimidated by new technologies or things that take them out of their comfort zone, so my job is to create a fun and immersive experience that’s as simple and straightforward as possible.”

Natalie: “A big part of my job at The Foxgrove is to design the ideal ‘school’ that I personally would like to learn something in. All the ‘schools’ I’ve been to are neither warm nor welcoming, and I wanted to turn this on its head. We don’t want to intimidate anyone. We want to disarm people’s fear by stepping into a well-curated, cool, and relaxed space that puts people at ease, so they’re more open to embrace something new and have fun.”

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How New York Got Its Groove Back

The Art Directors Club | Lauren Festa

The Foxgrove seeks to educate the amateur music lover, equipping them with the basics of the beat, and breaking down the barrier between “musicians” and “everyone else”.

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The Foxgrove

NeoCha | Leon Yan

The Foxgrove is a new boutique electronic music and DJ school that opened late last year in New York City. It was created for beginner-level music lovers, who have absolutely no production skills and probably never imagined being able to make their own music. Co-founder Natalie Lam, who originally is from Hong Kong and previously had worked 20 years in the advertising industry, actually prefers to think of The Foxgrove not as a school, but more as a “music social club” or a “fine learning experience”.

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Learn the Art of Creating Music—No Experience Needed

Insomniac | Chris Alker

When I heard about the Foxgrove opening in my neighborhood, I had to pop by...

I was pleasantly surprised. Rather than a room soldiered with rows of worktables covered in fancy equipment, I stepped into a welcoming lounge with brushed oak floors, distressed leather furniture, and a fridge stocked with snacks and sparkling water. The connected classroom holds a large, reclaimed-wood table fed by ergonomic chairs and sprinkled with slim Apple monitors, the latest flat-panel Ableton Push MIDI controllers, and sleek black-on-black headphones. The space was more likely to be found in Dwell magazine than DJ Times.

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The Observer Very Short List

David and Natalie curated the popular list with inspirations behind The Foxgrove

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