Party magic.

Music is the strongest form of magic - Marilyn Manson. Why not bond with your best friends, family, frenemies over a magical group session of remixing and DJing? Say goodbye to the same-old happy hours, brunches, paintballs, bowling nights... Say hello to a music party for your next group event. And please, no more karaokes.



Team building, professional celebrations

Goodbye paintball, laser tag and bowling, welcome to the future and do it in a style that's Gotham-worthy. Whether it's a company team-building event, an offsite, a global executive gathering, a holiday party or a special intimate celebration with your clients, creating music and DJing together breaks the ice. In a 2-3 hour private party, your group can learn the most important basics and techniques in the EDM and DJ world, and create custom remixes or DJ sets. At the end of the party everyone can share their custom creations to show off their inner producers/DJs. We can create a collective track/DJ set with your guests' creations for the next company/holiday party.

We can host a party for up to 12, and customize to your preferences. 
Beginners welcome, no prior experience needed.



Teen birthday parties

Kids are natural-born DJs. In just two hours they can learn all the fundamentals of DJing, put together their own 2-3 song DJ sets and play it for the whole group at the end, which sometimes turn into a spontaneous dance party. Perfect for 11-18 year-olds who want to celebrate their birthdays with fun and style.

We can host a party for up to 12, and customize to your preferences. 
Beginners welcome, no prior experience needed.



Bachelorette and bachelor party, Rock 'n' Roll edition

For the most important moment of your life, why settle with the same-old routine? Celebrate with the most important friends in your life by making a custom wedding DJ set together. In a 2-3 hour private party, your guests will bond over learning to DJ and create a 2-3 song DJ set each, we will then mix them into an hour-long custom wedding playlist. You can all dance to the perfect beat, created by you, for the most important day of your life.

We can host a party for up to 12, and customize to your preferences. Beginners welcome, no prior experience needed.


Special private celebrations

Anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, is full of special occasions to celebrate with your intimate circle in style. Why settle for yet another dinner or something routine? Gather the most important people in your life and make music/DJ together: in a 2-3 hour event, your group can custom-create a remix/DJ set for the special occasion. Have you ever thought of: giving a married couple a group remix of the special song they fell in love with; getting the whole family to create a DJ set for your parents' milestone anniversary; making a custom modern day mixtape as a group birthday gift; soundtrack the best moments of your yesteryears for the next school reunion...? The possibilities of group-created music as gifts are endless. You bring the imagination, we add the cool.

We can host a party for up to 12, and customize to your preferences. Beginners welcome, no prior experience needed.